Bad luck plague must end for Madrid


Next weekend will see the long awaited ‘El Clasico’ between Barcelona and Real Madrid at Camp Nou. But if the run of bad luck the Whites are suffering at the moment doesn’t end soon, it could mean more tears and misery for FIFA’s best club of the 20th century.

After being defeated 1-0 last week by Athletic Bilbao, the ‘La Liga’ top spot was taken from them for the first time this year. Then on Tuesday they found themselves teetering on the edge of elimination as Schalke beat them 4-3 in the Champions League, leading to talk of coach Carlo Ancelotti losing his job if things don’t turn around drastically in the coming weeks.

A real boost to their spirits would be a home win against Levante this Sunday. Hopefully the returning Croatian Luka Modric after four months out through injury will tip the balance.

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  1. Real Madrid …requires a better trio for the front line….someone that can play …AS A TEAM….Ronaldo….ok….Benzama…not suitable for Ronaldo….Bale seems to disappear as the game goes on…..The reason Barca won for me was the bad decision by the 40th minute….


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