Cemetery of Motril receives a makeover


WITH a cost of almost €70,000, the cemetery of Motril will experience a comprehensive series of improvements and renovations.

The project was put out to tender and awarded to company Urbana Ingenieria SL.

The works will start by the end of March and are expected to be completed in a period of three months.


“These works seek to fix all deficiencies and damages to floors and ceilings, as well as some minor flooding problems,” explained the town mayor, Luisa Garcia Chamorro, who added: “We are also hoping to eliminate all obstacles to facilitate the access of people with disabilities.”

Ms Chamorro stressed that the council supports a cemetery which not only serves as a holy space for residents, but also a place that, due to its beauty and historical value can serve as a tourism attraction for visitors, as some cemeteries already are, for instance the Casabermeja Cemetery in Malaga, or the Monturque in Cordoba.

“Each cemetery holds a secret, a legend to discover and story to tell. Cemeteries are the reflection of the society that we live in,” said the mayor.


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