Owners outrage over demolished wall


OWNERS of property on a residential complex are up in arms as the council has knocked down one of its outer walls.

Residents of Aldeamar urbanisation in Torremolinos have complained that the council has damaged their property by demolishing the wall, which has been argued about by the two groups for some time.

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Although the complex was built eight years ago, the adjoining street (Calle Doctor Juan Hidalgo) was only built two years ago, the residents explained.

Yet municipal technicians declared that an outer wall of the complex invaded public land and left part of the street with no space for pavements or parking spaces, and a judge ordered that it be knocked down.

After asking the community of owners a number of times to remove the offending wall to no avail, the council took matters into its own hands and had it knocked down, causing outrage amongst the owners who claimed that the final word had not been said.


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