Green light for cultural heritage law brings bullfights back under the spotlight


BULLFIGHTS, which were banned by Cataluña’s parliament more than two years ago, may be coming back thanks to a new law the Spanish Senate will be debating.

The Cultural Commission at the Congress has given the green light to a text aimed to save immaterial cultural heritage which was put forward by the PP conservative party.

PP delegate Juan de Dios Ruano said the future law will be “a law by everyone for everyone,” an idea he backed up by saying its aim is to “save a way of being, feeling and living in a particular way which is distinguished and recognised across the world as a Spanish characteristic.”


Meanwhile Catalan delegate Joan Tarda claimed that Education, Culture and Sports Minister Jose Ignacio Wert aims to make the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) declare bullfights as immaterial heritage and reintroduce them in Cataluña.

“I think they’re too late, the people of Cataluña decided at their parliament that there is no going back and in fact we thank them for this law as it has put us on alert: what we had thought was happening has come to light,” Tarda said.

The Catalan parliament decided to ban bullfights in July 2010 and the rule came into effect on January 1, 2012.


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