Almeria women’s race exceeds all expectations


COUNCILLOR for Equality in Almeria, Carolina Lafita, has announced the final numbers of women and children that participated in the third edition of the Race for Women.

“This year has exceeded all expectations,” said Lafita. “We have achieved the challenge we had set of reaching 2,000 participants. In fact the figure was far exceeded because we reached 2,136. Therefore we can announce this third edition of the race to be a success.”

A total of 1,612 women and 524 children joined the race, which encompassed a circuit through the city centre. There were three distance choices to run, ranging from 2,000 metres (one lap) to 5,000 metres (three laps).

The mayor of Almeria, Luis Rogelio Rodriguez-Comendador, also added his support and thanks for all participants. He said: “We have been overwhelmed by the race, proving that once again when we plan something, we get it.”

Race day included a number of other events including a free toy library in the municipal music school, a flash mob at the race start and musical entertainment at various stages of the race circuit.


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