Digital Paella


IT COULD be very soon that Spain’s 98% of Smartphone users will be able to WhatsApp a Paella.

Judging by the lastest hashtag campaign trending across social media ( #PaellaEmoji,) we could all be getting a smiley paella Emoji on our list.

The campaign, which was started as a joke by Valencian comedian Eugeni Alemany, calls for a new emoticon to be added to the repertoire of WhatsApp symbols.

The movement has gathered momentum with a series of YouTube videos, and a personal visit to California by Alemany himself to encourage techno-giants to have one made.

Alemany was reported to say: “”You have the chicken leg, and the shrimp tail, who the f*%* sends the shrimp tail!? Paella is a dish that means harmony and friendship, why not?”

Spanish actor Arturo Valls tweeted his support, saying: “Everyone is with Eugeni and his #PaellaEmoji campaign, because a Sunday without paella is like a garden without flowers or a fireman without a hose”.


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