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FULL HOUSE those affected by illegal houses meet with Minister in Albox

IT was a full house in Albox for a meeting between the Junta de Andalucia regional government Minister for Planning, Marie Jesus Serrano, and residents of the Almanzora Valley, affected by the illegal homes issue.

Organised by AUAN Almanzora, which campaigns to bring about the legalisation of homes in Andalucia currently considered to be ‘illegal’, the minister said work on the matter was ongoing. She added that she could not confirm changes to land zoning would be done before the upcoming local elections.

 AUAN’s President, Maura Hillen, said it was a matter of great importance to those present that this change came about in advance of the municipal elections.


Meanwhile, the PP party in Albox are unhappy that the PSOE are using the issue of illegal houses to win votes. They said: “Where were the PSOE when the houses in Cantoria were demolished and where were they when Mr and Mrs Prior’s house was demolished in Vera?” The PP expressed their respect and solidarity with all owners of illegal homes but they believe that it is up to the Junta de Andalucia to solve the problem by throwing out the POTA (Territorial Plan).

They concluded by saying that Maura Hillen, as President of AUAN, should maintain a position of political impartiality.

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