Suspected British killer arrested


British Expat Charlie Bevill-Warcup aged 76, was arrested on suspicion of murder last night (Monday March 9)after he led the police to the decomposing body of his companion Rosemary Broadwell.

The Spanish Newspaper El Mundo reports that while under questioning Monday night regarding the disappearance of his companion, Mr Bevill-Warcup admitted that he had beaten her with a blunt instrument. This morning he led the officers to an area of scrubland where they were met by the horrific sight of Rosie´s decomposing remains.

A postmortem revealed that Rosemary had in fact been beaten to death, and Bevill-Warcup reportedly admitted he had lied when he originally told police that; he last saw Rosie when dropping her off at a cash machine in the Ciudad Quesada Urbanization near to where she lived, but had instead killed her.

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The family of Rosie Broadwell had been appealing for information after her disappearance last September.

Her shocked daughter Cheryl Webster was reported to say: “We have only just found out the horrible news. He lived with her, but he is not my father, and they were not married. It has come as a horrible shock and we are waiting to find out more.”




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