Police make arrests after La Mojonera burglary


GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested two individuals for suspected theft and a third for allegedly receiving stolen goods.

The officers arrested 19-year-old AET and 35-year-old AEM on suspicion of thefts from a home in the town of La Mojonera. The men are alleged to have stolen two television sets, two mobile phones and a piggy bank containing cash.

The police were alerted to a robbery in progress when the owner of the property surprised the thieves while they robbed his home. The officers also received a description of a vehicle at the scene.

Officers were able to trace the vehicle, which in turn led them to the stolen items and the suspected thieves. The investigation also led them to a third person who had taken possession of one of the televisions. The other television was found concealed in bushes.

The detainees, along with the case details, have been passed to the magistrate’s court for processing.


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