Motril’s municipal shelter displays great results


THE municipal pound of Motril gave shelter to a total of 903 animals in 2014, according to a report created by the town’s council.

Out of those, 794 entered thanks to the rescue service, 78 were transferred to the shelter and 26 were born within the facilities.

In 2014, 633 pets were adopted and found a home thanks to different initiatives launched by local associations.

The document also explains that 101 animals died due to an illness, mainly puppies who arrived in the centre only a few days old, while 138 were put to sleep in 2014.

Mayor of the town, Luisa Garcia Chamorro, visited the facilities on the occasion of an open house day celebrated last week and thanked the company in charge ‘Dog House’ for their effort and work helping the animals.

The shelter services were put out to tender and awarded to new company ‘Athisa.’

Ms Chamorro encouraged all neighbours to continue adopting pets from the centre. Currently, there are more than 30 dogs, which represent 90 per cent of animals rescued, although they have also sheltered cats, chickens, snakes and horses.



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