Mortar shells dismantled off the Palma de Mallorca’s coasts

MKFI on wikimedia commons

FIVE 80-millimetre mortar shells have been dismantled off the coasts of Palma de Mallorca, near the port of Cala Gamba.

The Scuba Diver against-Mines Team of the Spanish Army (UBMCM) from Murcia, neutralised the artefacts by performing a controlled detonation.

The first device was found by Guardia Civil officers last Wednesday, while carrying out routine diving training. The other four were located by UBMCM on their arrival. The devices were submerged at 200 metres off the coast and three metres under the water’s surface, according to a statement by the Defence Ministry.


Guardia Civil and Local Police roped off the area on land and sea to ensure everyone’s safety.  


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