Junta to help mistreated mothers

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ANDALUCIAN authorities are worried about a considerable increase in the number of cases of minors mistreating their mothers.

Work is to commence to establish necessary measures to halt these cases, Junta de Andalucia regional government delegate Emilio de Llero announced at a meeting in Malaga with representatives of associations that work with delinquent youths.

De Llera announced the Junta’s intention to use education to halt the rise. “We don’t want minors to end up in detention centres. When parents report their offspring there are obviously family problems and we are intent on solving these,” he said.

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The delegate, who explained that the crimes most often carried out by youths were theft and injuring others during fights, said that there are currently 675 youths in detention centres in Andalucia.

Yet De Llero stressed there was a very high reinsertion rate for these youths, more than 80 per cent, mainly thanks to centres and associations that work with juvenile delinquents to encourage them to rethink their situation and reflect on their responsibilities and the pain their behaviour can cause.

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