Campaigning for autonomy


APPROXIMATELY 100 people gathered in Plaza de las Velas in the capital to proclaim that the best future for Almeria is the creation of an autonomous province.

Two representatives from Accion por Almeria took to the stand to put their views forward.

Silvia Rodriguez read a speech in which a referendum from 1980 was referenced and said: “Political forces back in 1980, in utter disregard of constitutional law, focused on a number of negotiations and legislative attempts in order to get rid of Almeria autonomy.

The trap used to abort the electoral will of Almeria was an organic law.

A few decided to forcibly integrate our province into the political structure of Andalucia.

Rodriguez went on to accuse the powers that be at the time of rigging.

German Manrique expressed his revulsion at the events of February 28, 1980 adding: “We don’t want a conflict with our Andalucian neighbours.

We don’t want the disintegration of Andalucia, nor to lose or change its character and its rich culture.

He concluded: “Look to our citizens rather than their parties.

Take the Almeria flag and fight for our land.



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