Faulty turnstiles at train stations in Palma

File photo.

A FLOOD of complaints has followed the implementation of ‘faulty’ turnstiles at Palma’s train station.

Train cards can be recharged with 20 or 40 trips to obtain a better price but many users have noticed that the automatic turnstiles are taking off two trips instead of one whenever they go through them.

The only solution offered by the Mallorca Municipal Train Services company has been to tell users to make a complaint at the station’s helpdesk, where employees explain that they will get back to them by post in a period of 15 days.

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But that means, users claim, that they are forced to charge their cards again, even though they know that they are being charged twice.

The system was implemented on February 20, and has had problems from day one with Train Users Association complaining many turnstiles did not work and others were closed.


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