Not so deaf fraudsters


LOCAL POLICE in El Ejido have arrested two people pretending to be deaf in order to scam money from traders in the municipality.

Officers arrested two individuals of Romanian nationality, NFP and FD, for an alleged crime of fraud.

The officers observed the men entering shops in the central shopping area, pretending to be deaf and asking for sums of money to help an association, Handicap, that they claimed they were affiliated with.

The officers put in a call for back up before intercepting the men in an Opel car on Bulevar de El Ejido.

The vehicle was found to have no ITV or insurance, while the men had falsified documents and approximately €400 in cash.

The men were arrested for an alleged crime of fraud and the car was impounded.

Police recommend that traders and individuals call the operations room on 092 if they are in doubt about collectors.



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