Denia to bid farewell to the ‘trenet’ track

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EVERY General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) in Denia has been scuppered by the courts since 1971.

Nevertheless, the General Structural Plan (PGE) that substituted the latest and again rejected PGOU of 2012 has every chance of going through before the May elections.

The Denia it envisages will have less traffic and lose the ‘trenet’ line as requested at a series of meetings between the town hall and residents.


Residents were also adamant that the roads into town and above all the planned ring road should blend with their surroundings and be prevented from turning into a motorway.

The trenet railway track was something that most residents wanted to say goodbye to and this wish is also likely to be granted. 

Instead of bisecting the outskirts of the town, the line will now stop at the La Pedrera halt, which will be converted into an intermodal transfer station for trains and buses.

The future bus station in Torrecremada, for which the regional government has allocated €290,000 of Plan Confianza funds, will therefore be provisional, said Mayor Ana Kringe. Its site is liable to flooding and another use will be found for it once the intermodal station is built.

As a result of these and other changes, the final PGE will differ from the plan which was displayed earlier, Kringe said. It will be presented again to the public in its definitive form on March 25 and put to the vote in a plenary session on April 15.


  1. i would like to enquire if there will be any buses which will go from La Sella area to Denia Will the tram stop at the La Sella station. Look forward to your comments

    Thank you.

  2. Regarding trams and busses to La Sella area would the tram stop at La Sella and any chance of buses going to La Sella area from Denia

  3. I find it almost impossible to believe that Denia wish to close the Denia station located in the town. The proposed PGE states that the station will be relocated to La Pedrera some 2 km outside of the town only to be served by buses and taxis. Are they mad ? The railway line to Denia goes around the town so how is this a bad thing for the residents ? As buses no longer accept luggage it means that you are no longer able to take the train from Denia to Alicante to the airport without a taxi to La Pedrera. No doubt part of the plan.These decisions are a mystery.


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