Government subsidised more than 40 per cent of cars in the Balearic Islands


FOUR out of 10 cars sold in the Balearic Islands between 2012 and November of 2014 were subsidised by the Government.

In October 2012, the Spanish Central Government launched the PIVE programme, a project conceived to help owners who meet a certain criteria to buy a new car.

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In the Balearic Islands, 40 per cent of new cars sold after the measure was launched were subsidised, according to data released by the government, with a total of 19,259 ‘PIVE’ cars.

This translated into a €19.5 million expenditure paid out by the central government.

Amongst the requirements to be eligible for the plan are buying a more efficient car in terms of energy consumption and to replace a car that is at least 10 years old.


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