A meeting between former Spanish Prime Minister and Cuban Leader Raul Castro causes controversy

Cordon Press
Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero addresses the media during a news conference in Havana February 26, 2015.

An unofficial meeting between Spain´s former Prime Minister and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Cuba´s de-facto leader, Raul Castro has attracted criticism from Spain´s ruling Popular Party.

Raul Castro is the brother of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who´s health has been in serious decline over the last year. Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo noted that Wednesday’s meeting, that lasted over three hours, was not discussed with the ruling party until the last minute. Garcia-Margallo  said “The visit is not just an example of disloyalty, but it is also very inopportune”, noting that such meetings should not take place unless the country continues to improve its human rights record and become a more open and democratic country.

Cuba has been recently opening its borders to the USA and the rest of the World, talking in a more conciliatory stance over the last few years. Tourism in Cuba has increased and become more relaxed, and recently talks have been taking place between US President Obama and the Cuban administration. Many exiled Cubans and World business are now looking to invest in the Caribbean´s largest island, an island that´s largely still run as a communist state.


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