Spain at back of class


SPAIN is the country with the highest school dropout rate in the European Union, according to most recent data.

Although the country experienced a slight improvement over 2013 (24.7 per cent), the rate currently sits at 23.6 per cent, far above the European Union countries’ average of 12 per cent.

The data was released by the Community Statistics Office Eurostat, which added that the national goal has been fixed at 15 per cent.


After Spain came Malta (20.5 per cent), Portugal (28.9), Romania (17.3) and Italy (17).

On the other hand, Lithuania and Slovenia hold the lowest school dropout rate  (3.9 per cent), followed by Croatia (4.5), Czech Republic (5.4), Poland (5.6), Luxemburg (6.1), Slovakia (6.4), Austria (7.3), Cyprus (9.1) and Germany (9.8).

In addition, the employment rate of inhabitants between 20 and 64 years old was 58.6 per cent in 2013, while the goal fixed for Spain by the EU was 75 per cent.

Countries with the worst results in terms of employment rates according to this report were Greece (52.9 per cent), Croatia (57.2 per cent), Spain and Italy (59.8 per cent).


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