Catalan independence ruled anti-constitutional

Cordon Press
Catalonia's President Artur Mas.

IN a stark contrast to Britain´s flexibility regarding Scotland´s independence, Catalonia’s ‘right’ to an independence vote has been declared anti-constitutional.

Spain’s Constitutional Court made the ruling declaring that only the Central Madrid Government had the power to allow a referendum on the matter. This has been an ongoing source of confrontation and discontent in the region for years. Polls taken last year suggested that a majority of Catalan citizens were in favour of a referendum.

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Regional Catalan government leader, Artur Mas held a symbolic vote, not authorised by the government, earlier in the year in November. More than 80 per cent of voters who cast their ballots favoured Catalonia beginning the independence process.

Mas who is strongly in favour of Catalan independence stated that legal ruling was “trying to stop us”.

With the strength of feeling in the region remaining high it likely that this will not be end of story regarding Catalan independence.


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