Experts of the UGR analyse Motril Port’s water and air

Asociación Cultural Alifa on flickr
Motril’s Port

EXPERTS from the University of Granada (UGR) will visit Motril’s port to investigate the levels of contamination in its air, water and mud.

The University’s rector, Francisco Gonzalez Lodeiro and head of the Port Authority of Motril, Francisco Jose Alvarez de la Chica, have renewed a cooperation agreement between the two institutions which was first signed in 2006.

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Motril’s port has five sediment and particle sample collection stations, samples from which are analysed monthly. This way, the port obtains updated information on its impact on the natural surroundings and environment.

Until now, the port has satisfied all legal regulations, and its water and mud are considered of a high quality according to the Development Ministry.

“Our agreement represents a guarantee of protection and reflects that we respect the regulations for contamination levels of water and air, and have become a point of reference for other Spanish ports,” said Mr Alvarez.


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