Swelling of the Ebro River forces evacuation

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THE swelling of the Ebro River registered yesterday (February 27) in areas of Northern Spain caused a historical flood during the night, with more than 20,000 hectares affected.  

According to the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro River (CHE) the swelling was caused by the heavy rainfall registered since last Wednesday (February 25), together with the melting snow, which particularly affected areas of Navarra.  

The river’s swelling has reached Novillas (Zaragoza) today, although with a lower intensity than expected and a flow rate of 2,400 metres per second. The water has entered the urban centre of Novillas and flooded around 1,500 hectares, as well as 20 homes.  

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The general situation at the river’s middle course is calm, according to the Regional Government of Aragon, although they informed that flood barriers have been placed in certain areas by the Emergency Military Unit (UME).  

Hundreds of neighbours of Zaragoza were evacuated yesterday as a preventive measure by the regional government, although it confirmed that no other evacuations were scheduled and that ‘the worst is over’.  

The Agriculture Association of Navarra (UAGN) has described the floods as ‘historical’, and estimated damages which could amount to up to a million euros.  

Regional governments of affected areas have requested aid from the National Government to deal with damages produced by the rain and river swelling. 


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