A snowy nightmare!

File photo.

MORE than 100 deer were killed, decapitated and then their body parts left strewn across a large area of isolated woodland, it has been alleged.

The animals bodies were first encountered by walkers in an area that has experienced large amounts of snowfall and extreme weather in the last few weeks.

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Conservationists and hunters alike have denounced suspected poachers in Spain’s rugged northern province of Castilla and Leon for the slaughter.

A local police spokesman said that an investigation was underway to try and find the poachers responsible. Limited hunting of deer is sometimes permitted in Spain under licence and it´s generally easier to track large mammals in snowy conditions, however even local huntsman have stated that this was a ‘barbaric’ act.

Without natural predators such as wolves, deer numbers rise rapidly and sometimes need to be controlled, however hunting on this scale and in such a brutal manner is illegal.


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