Shade trees needed at Campello school


PINES that were cut down at El Vincle school in Campello school are to be replaced with jacarandas.

Nine trees planted 25 years ago were felled for safety reasons after one of them crashed to the ground without warning. This occurred during the holidays and no-one was hurt but the remaining pines were cut down after the first tree was found to be diseased, explained Parks and Gardens councillor, Alejandro Collado.

El Vincle pupils are less than happy about the gaps left by the trees, they told Campello’s mayor Juanjo Berenguer when he recently visited the school with the town’s Education councillor Marisa Navarro.

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They missed the trees and the shade they provided, as the sun now streams into the classrooms and makes it difficult to see the blackboard, they said.

The town hall now plans to plant jacarandas in place of the pines, Navarro revealed. These have been deliberately chosen to avoid problems with processionary caterpillars and will be in place very shortly, she promised.

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