‘David’ Jalon faces Diputacion ‘Goliath’

File photo.

JALON is contesting the Alicante Diputacion’s 2015 Works and Services Plan.

Guaranteeing the town’s water supply was omitted from the €12.7 million programme, complained mayor Joan Miquel Garces. 

The decision to exclude improvements to the water pipe that carries water between Parcent and Jalon was “incomprehensible,” he declared.


The existing pipeline is in such bad condition that 70 per cent of the water never reaches the town’s 3,000 inhabitants, Garces claimed. 

The Local Government Regulatory Law states that the Diputacion – equivalent to a county council – should help to provide essential services for municipalities with few financial resources, the mayor added. He also called for the invalidation of the plenary meeting of the Diputacion that approved this year’s Works and Services Plan.

It was a “David against Goliath” situation and Jalon Town Hall would fight “all the way,” declared municipal spokesman Gerard Fullana.


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