Crisis at the Doghouse foundation


By Elle Draper


RECENT severe storms and high winds have resulted in serious damage to a dog shelter in Huercal Overa and the tragic deaths of four dogs.

And now the Doghouse Foundation is calling for help from the public to continue its life-saving operation as it faces a ticking clock that could ultimately lead to the destruction of some of its dogs.

A clearly upset Paul Tighe from the Doghouse Foundation told the EWN that the damage to the compounds in Huercal Overa came at a time when the foundation was in desperate need of help.

“I just love what I do,” said Paul. “I want to continue the work here at the Doghouse and with more than 1,000 dogs already having come through our doors, we are making a difference. It must continue. I want the shelter to continue in perpetuity and so continued efforts are vital. I don’t like asking for help, I would rather give than receive.

“But in order to provide care and attention for these dogs, and the many more that will come through the doors in the future, it is time to ask for a bit of help from others.”

The shelter is desperate for funds to repair the compounds and pay for vets bills. From April, the Doghouse will be unable to meet monthly outgoings for the care of the dogs and will have to reduce the number from 60 to 20 dogs, either by re-homing, or – as a last resort – having them put to sleep.

The Doghouse is appealing for any type of help, by funding, donations or re-homing. Those who can help in any way can contact Paul Tighe on [email protected]


  1. I, too, am beginning to wonder about this ‘foundation’. My personal experience with Paul via emails (and my own adoption process of a dog through him) has led me to believe he is remarkably defensive when questioned about anything having to do with the care and treatment of his dogs, which makes me think “he doth protest too much”. As a professional writer, and former journalist, I am sorely tempted to investigate this place.


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