Prosecutors seek ten-year ban for former mayor of Oria

Oria’s former mayor, Jose Perez Perez

ALMERIA Magistrate Court has issued proceedings against Oria’s former PSOE mayor, Jose Perez Perez.

In the letter issued by prosecutors to the court, Jose Perez Perez’s alleged activities from 2007 to 2011 were described: “In his capacity as mayor, he took a number of decisions that are not documented in writing, that were contrary to law, without using any administrative procedure or technical opinion and without legal bodies to vouch for his actions.

“Under these conditions he carried out labour recruitment and issued contracts for various works and services, imposing on all occasions his own criteria and will, regardless of the capabilities of the beneficiaries and the public services.”


Among the alleged irregularities are that Perez Perez hired 37 people, without the correct procedures, at a value of €400,000. At the same time he allegedly hired an architectural firm for €124,634 and claimed miscellaneous expenses outside the allocation from the budget, amounting to €388,740.

The prosecution has requested a sentence of 10 years’ disqualification from public office.


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