Mayor reassures Mijas residents after drastic parking protest

Wikipedia by Prensa del Ayuntamiento de Mijas
Mayor Angel Nozal

PROTESTS against roadworks in Mijas Costa, which came to a head when a local resident doused himself with petrol and threatened to set himself alight, apparently did the trick.

Although work has now begun on nine streets close to the Las Lagunas health centre, Mijas mayor Angel Nozal had to send residents a letter promising that parking spaces would not be lost and include pictures of the plans to prove it.

Locals had been causing delays to the works by refusing to move parked cars before ONCE lottery ticket vendor Lazaro Gutierrez held his personal, petrol-fumed protest.


Apart from the fact that the work, which was required to widen pavements, was believed to mean parking spaces would be lost in the busy area, residents also complained that work on nine streets at once would cause excessive hassle.


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