Hepatitis C patient feels like a new man


ISIDORO ESCAMILLA was tired of feeling like he always had the flu, an effect of suffering from Hepatitis C that was diagnosed in 2007.

A drug called Sovaldi was hailed as something that would completely change things for him and has been prescribed in Spain for 18 months. Unfortunately, until January 2015 it was not available to patients in Andalucia, where Escamilla lives.

He fought to get the drug to Andalucia, and even tweeted Susana Diaz, president of the Junta de Andalucia regional government.


Now that the drug has been released, Escamilla’s doctor in Torrecardenas Hospital was able to prescribe the drug, which costs a prohibitive €50,000, on January 7. On February 3 Escamilla was thrilled to get the call that he could come and collect his prescription.

Since beginning Sovaldi, Escamilla is improving steadily. He said: “I feel like a new man.” He urges doctors to prescribe to more patients, particularly those at stage four, on the cusp of liver cirrhosis.


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