Spanish drivers abuse their horns


SIXTY-FOUR per cent of Spanish drivers admit to over-using their horns when other drivers annoy them, a new European survey has revealed.

The 2015 European Barometer of Responsible Driving, a survey carried out by Ipsos Institute and Vinci Foundation, placed Spain at the top of the list for horn abuse, followed by Greece with 60 per cent and Italy with 58 per cent. The UK was third from bottom with 36 per cent, Sweden at 29 per cent and Germany with 26 per cent.

The survey asked more than 10,000 drivers in 10 European Union countries about their habits behind the wheel and found that 62 per cent of Spanish drivers also admitted to hurling insults at other drivers.


Experts claim that aggressive gestures and attitudes are dangerous as they are often linked to speeding and running through orange lights.

Jesus Monclus from Mapfre Foundation Road Safety department said: “Many people become transformed when they get behind the wheel. One of our studies found that 46 per cent of drivers behave worse while driving than they do normally.”

Honks and insults were not the only aggressive behaviour Spanish drivers admitted to. The Barometer revealed that 31 per cent said they would try to ‘climb in the boot’ of vehicles that annoy them.

Yet Spanish drivers still rated themselves well, at an average of 7.8 out of 10. Only drivers in Sweden (7.9), Greece (8) and Italy (8) gave themselves better marks.


  1. The Spanish are the worst in Europe. They jump red lights, have no patience and are often very aggressive. On the A7 between Fuengirola and Marbella they seem to think that in Spain you drive on the left, not the right, and as for pulling over to let someone pass, in many cases forget it. If all Spanish drivers were given a British driving test 95% would fail.


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