Benalmadena educates to prevent fires

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A NEW campaign in Benalmadena aims to save lives by teaching people how to prevent fires at home, and what to do if they occur.

Focused especially on children and the elderly, the campaign was presented by Mayor Paloma Garcia Galvez, Social Welfare councillor, Ana Macias, and chief firefighter, Alfonso Iglesias, at the Anica Torres and Silvestre Gonzalez day centres for the elderly.

National statistics show that house fires are most frequent during the winter months and more than half of those who die in them are elderly people. In Benalmadena one fire is reported each year per 1,000 inhabitants.

Leaflets have been printed giving recommendations on the subject and will be distributed amongst the public to increase awareness.

Iglesias said: “In case of fire, we recommend that elderly citizens remain calm and inform the other occupants of the building. If alone, they should cover their mouths and noses with a handkerchief or similar item and leave immediately without stopping for anything.”

To prevent fires, Iglesias advised turning heaters off, unplugging electrical apparatus and turning the gas off before going to bed.

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