Duke and duchess to pay off debts

Cordon Press

INFANTA Cristina of Spain and her husband Iñaki Urdangarin have been requested to pay €254,000 to the Ministry of Finance from the sale of their mansion.

The couple applied for permission from a judge to sell the property located in Pedralbes (Barcelona). Half of it was placed under embargo by the judge at the beginning of the Noos case.

The judge accepted the couple’s petition and is now asking more than €250,000 to be put towards paying off a debt owed to the Tax Office.

In addition, 3 per cent from the total value of the home – around €210,000 – will be counted as tax, as the couple are not registered as residents of the European Community; the Duke and Duchess of Palma have lived in Switzerland since 2013.

The buyer’s identity has not been revealed, although the couple have already received a €300,000 deposit from a Barcelona lawyer who represents said buyer.


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