Costa del Sol hospital receives life-saving donation

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FUNDACION Sonrisa, a non-profit organisation based in Mijas Costa, has donated neonatal equipment worth €50,000 to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella.

The equipment, a brain function monitor and hypothermia-inducing apparatus, will be used to avoid newborn babies having to be taken to Malaga for treatment to reduce the risk of brain damage after complications during labour.

Clinical trials have revealed that reducing body temperature by 3-4ºC for 72 hours within six hours of birth is an efficient way to reduce the risk of death and disabilities caused by lack of oxygen flow to the brain at birth.


Three or four cases a year occur at the hospital, which in the past had to rely on passive hypothermia (not warming babies up in incubators or by skin-to-skin contact with the mother) and send babies needing further hypothermia treatment to the children’s hospital in Malaga City.


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