Buzz off: Almeria sends millions of bees abroad


ALMERIA animal and creature exports during 2014 have increased by 36 per cent compared to 2013.

The most-exported creatures were bees, with just over 73,000 beehives containing 385.2 million bees sent abroad, followed by 500,000 dorada fry, then 1,131 calves.

Countries taking the highest number of exports were Morocco, Algeria, Canada and South Korea. There has been a remarkable increase has been in exports of fresh fish and meat products to new markets including Algeria, Israel, Syria and Venezuela.


Insects are a massive part of the export industry, used for biological control. New areas to take the insects are Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Belarus, Tunisia and Turkey. The exporting is carried out in conjunction with animal health services, with controls exercised by the Unit of Agriculture and Fisheries.


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