Malaga cheapest city for water, unless you over-splash


MALAGA City residents can boast having the cheapest water bills in Andalucia, and the sixth cheapest in Spain, as long as they are careful not to use too much.

Consumer organisation Facua revealed in its annual report on water bills, which compared water rates in 28 Spanish cities, that although Malaga rates are low for moderate use, the situation changes completely when people use more water.

Emasa, the company that supplies water to homes in the city, is one of the suppliers in Spain that apply the heaviest surcharges for ‘excessive’ use.


While an average three-member family home using 111 litres of water per person per day would pay just €13.93 plus taxes each month (compared to €20.65 in Sevilla), doubling the amount of litres used would result in monthly bills of €43.


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