Santa Pola votes to ban evictions

Flickr by Imagen en Acción
File photo: PAH demonstration last year in Valencia.

EVICTIONS have been stopped in the Costa Blanca town of Santa Pola.

The full town council voted to declare Santa Pola an eviction-free zone, to applause and cheers from the crowd and the PAH (Platform Affected by Mortgages).

All political parties gave the green light to a joint motion to address a problem that has blighted families across the country.

The town hall has promised to create a municipal register of social housing for rent, composed of municipal housing and housing provided by businesses. The Department of Social Services will also continue with the preparation of the municipal protocol to be established when people and families are struggling.

Santa Pola is to facilitate the deferral of taxes and fees for people at risk of losing their homes and they will also paralyse embargoes for unpaid taxes and fees.


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