Bleak outlook for Gandia strays


THE Safor Animal Protection Society (Spama) can no longer take in abandoned animals.

The Gandia association’s agreement with the town hall expired on February 9 and was not renewed. By law the service must now be put out to public tender, said Economy and Finance councillor Guillermo Barber.

Spama is owed around €200,000 by the town hall and threatened to stop accepting animals last November because it had run out of money, but later relented. “It was very cold and after all, it wasn’t the animals’ fault,” a spokesperson said.


The association looks after 150 dogs and 100 cats at the animal shelter, with an additional 10 dogs and nine cats in foster homes.

Spama Safor will continue to defend the area’s animals, it announced, as the shelter belongs to the association and not Gandia town hall.

The conditions will specify that the animals cannot be put down, promised Barber, who said that Spama Safor should put in a bid. “It has a good chance and would have a contract instead of an agreement,” he pointed out.


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