The first of Alicante’s ‘stolen baby’ cases comes to court


THREE retired doctors have denied that they took a child from its mother after it was born.

The Alicante court is investigating the alleged theft of a newborn girl in a private clinic in Alicante, as part of the case relating to alleged kidnapping and adoption of infants back in the 1980s.

The three doctors are charged with illegal detention and claim the infant had died during labour and they had no involvement in any subsequent kidnapping to give it up for adoption.

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The proceedings have been brought to court after DNA of bone remains from a newborn girl, exhumed from the cemetery of Alicante, did not match the mother’s DNA, who claimed her baby had been taken at birth.

These are the first defendants to appear in court in criminal proceedings for alleged theft of babies in the province so far, after an investigation was launched in 2011 following numerous complaints.

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