La Vila ready for heart emergencies


VILLAJOYOSA has acquired eight defibrillators for all municipally-run sports installations.

“It’s necessary to have modern health care equipment on hand to be able to treat a heart condition should it arise,” said Sports councillor, Pedro Ramis.  “The defibrillators are vital in ‘sudden death syndrome’ situations that can happen to anyone, but also affects athletes. We’re conscious of the cases that have occurred to young people while practising sports,” he added.

The Sports department aimed to ensure that all of the town’s sports installations become cardiac-protected areas, Ramis said: “In those run by outside firms, the decision is up to them, although the town  hall has offered to subsidise half of the cost of the defibrillators.”

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Janitors, instructors and staff at sports clubs will receive free instruction in using the equipment in a life-threatening emergency from Villajoyosa councillor Dr Pascual Pator, who is also medical director of the Marina Baja’s Primary Care department.


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