Mallorca man sentenced to 20 years for murdering his ex


IN Palma, a man has been jailed for 20 years for murdering his former partner by stabbing her 19 times.

The accused, Joan BP, will also have to pay a €150,000 fine to the two children they had in common. A 500-metre restraining order has also being issued against him for a period of 25 years.

The incident occurred in February 2013, when the woman opened the door of her home in the town of Arta. The man was carrying a large knife and an awl.


The couple had maintained a friendly relationship after their break up and the victim let him inside the property.

However, he started stabbing her repeatedly using both instruments, up to 19 times. After the murder, the accused tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself, but was finally stopped by Guardia Civil officers.

The prosecution officer requested a sentence of 20 years of prison, which has now been ratified by a jury.


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