Coin warms up for thousands of runners


COIN will hear the patter of thousands of pairs of trainers, with runners from all over Andalucia expected to take part in the 46th Vuelta Pedestre (on-foot tour) on March 15 from 11.30am.

The race has two categories, a competitive one and a non-competitive one, and aims to raise funds for the local branch of Caritas charity.

The race, one of the oldest and most important in Andalucia, takes place on the streets of Coin. The competitive race will have a total distance of 10 kilometres with steep hills included in the route to challenge runners.


Five hundred professional runners from all over Andalucia are expected to take part, using the race as a training session for the Malaga half-marathon a week later.

Those wishing to take part can sign up on for €5, or an hour before the race starts in Coin’s Plaza de la Alameda for €8.

Meanwhile the general public is invited to take part in the non-competitive race, which is expected to attract at least 3,000 people.


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