This year’s jabs don’t cover most common flu strain


THE flu virus that’s run rampant through Spain in recent weeks was not covered by vaccinations given at the start of the season.

According to the latest analysis, the most common strain of the virus seen so far this year was AH3N2, which was not included in the vaccinations, thus the jabs could only provide moderate protection.

To date, the majority of flu cases (74 per cent) were found to be caused by the Influenza A virus, and 99 per cent of these cases were caused by AH3N2.


Epidemic experts said that although a lower level of protection was provided by the jabs, they still minimised symptoms, prevented complications and reduced mortality.

Although flu cases registered this year were also reported to be milder than in previous years, public health authorities continue to stress the importance of prevention.

While flu jabs give a lower rate of protection compared to other vaccines (55 to 60 per cent), doctors still emphasise that they are the best way for people at risk of complications to protect themselves.


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