Designer boosts profile of fabrics made in Nijar

Patricia Rosales on Facebook

WORLD famous clothing and shoe designer, Patricia Rosales, dropped in to Nijar, Almeria, where she met with local artisan Isabel Montoya.

Rosales was there to discuss the purchase of Nijar fabrics and rugs, to incorporate traditional crafts and special materials in her fashion collections, which are sold around the globe.

Mayor of Nijar, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, was on hand to share his pleasure that Nijar-crafted fabrics and materials would find their place in haute couture. He said: “This is a good opportunity for Nijar products. It creates jobs and further dissemination – the products will be known worldwide thanks to the collections of Patricia Rosales.”


Rosales also suggested creating a brand with the Nijar products in order to market the area internationally. She discussed with the mayor the various benefits of using locally manufactured products from small to medium enterprises.

Rodriguez said that the council at a provincial level would be responsible for managing the project, organising finance and publicity. Speaking about brand building, Rodriguez said: “You can create a stream of influence so that Almeria products become known in every corner of the world.”


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