Ray Europa for all internet supplies

RAY EUROPA Ray provides a solution to any internet or TV problem

FOR all internet services, call Ray Europa, the leading supplier and installer of the latest internet and internet TV services.

Ray Europa covers from Alicante to Valencia providing customers with the best possible system and equipment they need for their requirements using owner Ray’s 25 years of experience in the satellite and technology industry.

Slow internet connections and download speeds are a thing of the past with Ray Europa, as Ray provides and installs high velocity internet through satellite dishes which owners can either purchase or rent from Ray Europa. With these dishes it means internet can be obtained in any area and at a much higher speed than what most other companies and telephone providers can offer.


Dishes can also be set up for a community of neighbours, allowing them all to run off the system and have Wifi connections.

If you have had problems with internet, slow connections or download speeds, Ray Europa are likely to help and can offer the latest, most current up to date systems that best suit your needs and requirements whether you are a private home owner or large business.


Ray Europa
Tel: 965 084 836 or 649 888 473
Visit www.rayeuropa.com
Email: [email protected]


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