Fire at dairy injures five in Sorbas

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THREE people had to be treated for acid burns and two for smoke inhalation after a fire at a dairy in the Puntal neighbourhood of Sorbas.

The fire quickly destroyed one building at the Sorbas dairy, injured three firefighters with acid burns and left two additional people needing treatment for smoke inhalation.

Workers at the dairy alerted the emergency services after the fire broke out and spread rapidly, due to the highly flammable materials on site.

Firefighters acted quickly but suffered acid burns when the blaze reached cleaning materials in the dairy. The fire took almost ten hours to extinguish.

Mayor of Lubrin, Domingo Ramos, said that 14 jobs have been lost as a direct result of the fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation although Levante Fire Department has suggested that it may have been caused by an electrical fault.

Government delegate in Almeria, Sonia Ferrer, is expected to visit the facilities and meet with the affected workers.


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