Muro residents advised not to drink tap water


AN INDUSTRIAL chlorine spill has made tap water in some homes in the Muro area of Mallorca unsafe to drink.

After residents noticed a strong smell coming from their home’s tap water, the company in charge of the water service confirmed yesterday (February 4) that the chlorine levels were above the limit recommended by sanitary authorities, and that the cause was an industrial spill external to the municipal service.

Affected streets were Joan Gamundí Ballester, Sagrera, Antoni Carrió, Antoni Cànoves, Justícia, Josep Lluís Miralles, Gènova and Baronia d’Ampúries, according to the company’s representatives.

The work to drain the affected area’s water has already started and will continue today (Thursday February 5). Residents of streets mentioned above are advised to not use their tap water if they notice a strong smell, similar to bleach, coming from the water.


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