Wonky crane worries Benidorm residents


BENIDORM police were called twice in the same day to investigate complaints about a precarious lorry-mounted crane.

Residents of the Tropic Mar apartments claimed that the Scania lorry, parked on a slope, was insecurely jacked up on piled wooden blocks to keep it level.

Their community has rented two parking places and an unloading space in the Tropic Mar grounds to a construction company that is renovating an adjoining hotel, the Magic Rock Gardens. 

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Apprehensive residents watching as the crane unloaded building materials called the Local Police, who ordered workmen to stop until the company could prove that lorry and crane were safe. 

Using wooden blocks is common in situations like these, the construction company later told the local Spanish media: “We own the crane and wouldn’t allow anything dangerous.”

Despite police intervention the crane was back that afternoon, the residents complained. Benidorm’s Town Planning councillor assured them that the crane would not operate unless safety could be guaranteed, but lifted the suspension after deciding that the lorry-crane complied with safety regulations.


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