Court confirms Atrium Beach fine

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THE Supreme Court ratified a €3.8 million fine for planning irregularities in La Cala de Villajoyosa.

The fine payable to Villajoyosa Council was imposed on promoters Hotel Luna SA by Valencia’s Upper Court of Justice (TSJ) in 2012 after the company exceeded the permitted area for the Atrium Beach complex by 53,000 square metres. 

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The promoters appealed against the sentence, which the Supreme Court has now confirmed, although the fine is well below the €12 million originally imposed by the regional government.

Now that TSJ has confirmed the sentence, Villajoyosa Town Hall will wait the required 20 days before asking the courts to expedite payment of the fine.

The town’s mayor said that, after all these years, he did not want collecting the fine to become another interminable chapter in the Atrium Beach saga, which went back to 2003 when construction was halted.


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