Tenants sought for Calpe nests

CALPE: Nesting box inspired by Muralla Roja building.

CALPE’S mayor Cesar Sanchez asked residents’ permission to install ceramic nesting boxes on their Old Town roofs.

The initiative has a practical side because the sparrows, swifts and other birds encouraged to use the nests will keep down mosquitoes and other insects during the summer.

The nests resemble boats, windmills, churches, towers and minarets and even one that is based on Calpe’s emblematic Muralla Roja building, the creation of architect Ricardo Bofill. 

Designed by ceramic artist Esteban Juarez, they are decorative as well as environmentally important, Sanchez pointed out.

Town hall staff have now evaluated houses in the Old Town and taken photographs of roofs, eaves and cornices. Twenty-five owners whose homes have traditional curved roof tiles have now received letters from Cesar Sanchez, asking for their permission to install the nests.


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