Callosa ranks 9th for high unemployment

Keith Williamson on Flickr

THE PSOE party in Callosa de Segura has proposed a plan to tackle the town’s exceptionally high unemployment level.

The scheme is aimed at activating the local economy, and comes in the wake of reports that the town ranks at number nine in a list of towns, whose populations number more than 10,000 inhabitants, with the highest number of long-term unemployed.

The proposal, announced by Fran Macia, is divided into four areas – entrepreneurship, trade, training and competitiveness.


Entrepreneurs would be supported by plans to launch tax incentives for new businesses through tax subsidies and taxes, and trade by promoting and encouraging help from the Local Development Agency sector.

Training would be customised for local businesses, adapting the training to the needs of local businesses and providing information on all the available labour supply, and competitiveness would be enhanced by helping to develop export and tax incentives for companies that create jobs.


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